معرفة الأطراف
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مَعْرِفَةُ الأَطْراف

English-Arabic Medical Dictionary. 2013.

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  • acrognosis — Cenesthesia, or normal sensory perception, of the extremities. [acro + G. gnosis, knowledge] * * * ac·rog·no·sis (ak″rog noґsis) [acro + Gr. gnōsis knowledge] sensory recognition of the limbs and of the different portions of each limb… …   Medical dictionary

  • acroagnosis — Loss or impairment of the sensory recognition of a limb. Absence of acrognosis. * * * ac·ro·ag·no·sis (ak″ro ag noґsis) [acro + a 1 + Gr. gnōsis knowledge] lack of sensory recognition of a limb; lack of acrognosis …   Medical dictionary

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